Founded 2005

We're a group of reborn artists (and doll dealers, reborn suppliers, collectors and sculptors too!) who believe that continuing education is one of the keys to improvement in this field. Many professionals continue developing and upgrading their skills throughout their careers. Because reborning is such a quickly evolving art form, we believe it's important to provide a venue for those who wish to stay on top of the newest techniques, and share their love and knowledge of reborn artistry.

IRDA was the pioneer organization for the Reborn Convention with Classes. We have continued to work closely with the staff of IDEX (Madavor Media aka DollReader Magazine) and Tiny Treasures to ensure the success of future reborn conventions. In 2011 we once again hosted a mid-summer Reborn Conference in California.

We developed professional working relationships with doll companies such as Secrist Doll Co., Dolls by Berenguer, Lee Middleton, and Ashton Drake Galleries which have benefited the ENTIRE reborning community.

Early on, we realized that it would be a lot of fun to get together in person, sharing ideas and talents. We now offer online classes, but our emphasis will always be on attending an actual Conference, because it's just more fun to hang out together and more beneficial to attend live classes.

We offer membership to any reborn artist who wishes to join IRDA. Click on the Join IRDA tab above for more information

Ideally, members are active reborn artists, but it's not a requirement. Our membership isn't limited to those who've been reborning a certain length of time. We do NOT require any certain level of expertise to be an IRDA member.

We are NOT a guild.

All we ask is that you do the best you can. We don't claim to be the Acknowledged Experts of the Reborn World, just one small facet of that world.

We believe in high ethical & moral standards and professionalism, and expect our members to hold themselves to those standards.

We are always seeking members with experience and willingness to teach reborning to others at venues such as IRDA Reborn conferences, IDEX Premiere and Tiny Treasures.


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